Should I Have PRP Treatment


Should I Have platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Treatment? *

Each patient and injury is unique. Therefore it is important to discuss any treatment with an orthopaedic surgeon. If platelet-rich plasma(PRP) treatment is recommended ask your doctor the following to help determine if it is right for you:


  1. What is your experience in administering PRP? (Precise placement of PRP injection into the area of injury is important for it to be effective, therefore physicians with more experience may be best.)
  2. What are possible side effects? (Examples include increased pain or inflammation at the injection site.)
  3. How many injections will I receive? (Several studies have reported using multiple injections, but the benefit of this is unknown.)
  4. Will there be any restrictions? (Generally, patients are asked to avoid strenuous activity or sports for a short period of time after the injection to aid in the healing process.)
  5. Will my insurance cover treatment? (Currently, most insurance companies do not cover treatment.)


Listen to Dr. Emile P. Wakim talk about Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).


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