Have You Suffered From Whiplash

If you have had a slip or fall or perhaps were involved in a car accident then you may have suffered from a relatively common problem called whiplash. What actually occurs under these circumstances can be a painful and strained neck.

This can be explained relatively cleverly by imagining a rope. If you were to pick up one end of it and flick it sharply, what happens to the end of the rope is similar to what may happen to you when involved in a whiplash incident. The end flick of the rope is the result of energy being forced up and out of the end fo the rope. This same type of energy release can occur to the human spine when involved in a trauma of a similar variety. If a driver is hit by another vehicle from the rear of their car they sometimes experience a jolting back and forth of the head.

This high impact and speedy movement can cause injuries to a numberof places along the spine itself.What is also of particular concern is that the head when jolted at such a high speed will shake the brain so that it hits the frontal area of the skull at a great speed.

This can happen when someone slips and falls or can be involved in being hit by something from behind. Whatever the cause of the injury, recovery can range in time from a few days right through to months and in some cases years. It is highly advisable to seek the professional assistance and advice from a specialist that deals entirely in the musculoskeletal system such as an orthopedicspecialist. By having the injury properly diagnosed and treated along with some pain management and a recovery plan this can prove the most effective and speedy way for a patient to recover from such an incident.