Shoulder injuries are common in contact sports, amongst golfer and also from bad falls or car accidents. Orthopedic specialists can assess a shoulder injury with the aid of x-ray and chiropractic’s to see if the injury is a break or not. Shoulders joints can get pushed out of place and need chiropractic realignment and reflexology to relieve pain and start the healing process.

Minimally invasive surgery is often applied to shoulder joint injuries which require a surgical procedure. This modern surgical technique used very small incisions and specialized surgical tools to repair the joint without traumatizing the body too much. Patients are in and out of hospital within a few days and recover much faster. With excellent after car and some physical therapy the patient has restored mobility to the shoulder joint in a relatively short time compared with open surgery techniques.
Frozen shoulders are another type of shoulder injury which can be excruciatingly painful for the patient. This injury responds well to physical therapy and the pain will usually subside within a few days. Pain killers are not usually necessary with the modern treatments that are used to minimize the need for medications. Anti-inflammatory medications are often used to relieve swelling which has the effect of reducing pain in the area.
Shoulder replacements have been done in recent years with relative success and recovery from the surge
ry is surprisingly rapid. As with any joint replacement the surgery is traumatic to the whole body and may also require psychological counseling.

Simple shoulder injuries should be referred to a chiropractor for adjustment and some heat therapy and the area should be rested until any swelling and bruising has subsided. Mobility will return to the shoulder after the injury has healed and with a few regular physical therapy sessions, pain will also subside.