Benefits of platelet rich plasma treatment

The discovery of platelet rich plasma therapy in tissue engineering has brought about many benefits to patients suffering from constantly painful musculoskeletal problems. Platelet rich plasma, also known as PRP, has been very beneficial in treatment of painful conditions such as osteoarthritis of knee, shoulder and hip joints as well as spinal cord problems and rotator cuff tears. Patients with ligament sprains, neck, ankle, and back injuries have also benefited much from platelet rich plasma treatment.

Basically, platelet rich plasma was derived from the concept of the body’s self repair process. When an injury occurs in any part of the body, the body’s self repair system usually delivers platelet cells to the site of the injury in order to stem off further bleeding and promote healing. This is possible because platelet cells have been found to have great healing factors that assist in initiating the body’s self healing process.
The use of platelet rich plasma in treating musculoskeletal problems has been achieved by extracting concentrated platelet rich plasma from other blood components in a high speed centrifuge. When this high concentrated PRP is injected to an injury site it immediately initiates a healing process. It also helps in relieving pain.

For the patient, the use of platelet rich plasma has several benefits. First, this form of treatment does not pose any infection risk because the platelet cells are extracted from the patient’s own blood. There is also no chance of the body rejecting the PRP cells – they’ve been extracted from the same body. Secondly, platelet rich plasma therapy is safer than conventional surgery and anesthesia which are prone to infections associated with introduction of new conditions in the body. Thirdly, there are no prolonged hospital stays when using this form of treatment as the recovery period is usually very short. It is also affordable as a single shot of PRP normally costs around $200.