Physical therapy promotes healing, encouraging blood flow to the injured area and stimulating nerve and muscular activity. Regular sessions of repeated gentle stimulation, speeds up the healing process and restores full mobility to an injured area. Physical therapy often proves useful after orthopedic surgery like hip and knee replacements, to assist with the healing process and reduce the amount of pain the patient is suffering. It also helps to build up muscle strength in weak areas and restore mobility faster and with less pain. Stiffening from lack of movement is always a risk after orthopedic surgery and physical therapy ensures this does not happen. Even if the patient is bed ridden, a couple of physical therapy sessions each day works wonders and speeds up recovery.

Physical therapists can recommend safe ways to perform every day activities without causing further damage to your injury. Physical therapy is used to treat many common conditions and injuries like plantar fasciitis, meniscus tears and many common back conditions. If you have soft tissue damage, muscle fatigue or strain, physical therapy can help to rebuild strength in the area, even after a few treatments.

Many chronic health conditions can also be treated with physical therapy and the therapist can recommend special exercises and endurance activities that will get you back on your feet in no time. Spinal stenosis, multiple sclerosis, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson’s disease, can all get benefit from using physical therapy as part of the treatment.

Physical therapy sessions use gentle muscular manipulations and movements after heat therapy and some massage, aiming to gently coax the movement back into the area without force. Regular sessions prove immensely beneficial to patients and get them back to work quicker after injuries. Orthopedic injuries of all kinds are followed up with physical therapy as part of the rehabilitation process and it has been proven to be essential. Patients should continue with the exercises taught during physical therapy after their treatment for some months.