Do You Need Physical Therapy

You may need physical therapy if you are recovering from a recent physical injury or if you have recently been treated for a heart related ailment. Your choice of a physical therapist can be recommended by your orthopedic doctor. As you and your orthopedic doctor work closely together to bring your body back to as much functionality as possible, the orthopedic specialist will liaise with the physical therapist to ensure goals and milestones are met.
You might find it necessary to first understand what a physical therapist does. Your physical therapist is a medical professional dealing with muscle movements and exercises aimed at improving posture, stability, and strengthening of muscles. These exercises promote recovery and reduce chances of further accidental injury. These specialists are licensed to practice physical therapy.
The first step in determining whether you need physical therapy would be to consult your orthopedic doctor or specialist. Your treatment and recovery process will be some of the factors the orthopedic specialist will consider before recommending physical therapy sessions.
Common ailments that may call for physical therapy include injuries of the back and knee, sprains and muscle pulls, and pains in the neck or shoulder. Pregnant women may also find some benefit from physical therapy including those who have recently had operations. You may also seek physical therapy if you are an older person recovering from a stroke in order to regain the use of some muscles that have become dysfunctional.
There are different types of physical therapists who deal with different types of recovery needs of their patients. If you suffer from back injuries, hip fractures and other types of broken bones you will need to consult an orthopedic physical therapist. Such a specialist also deals with sports related injuries. Older patients need to consult a geriatric physical therapist for recovery from stroke or heart related problems. A neurological physical therapist helps patients recovering from brain injuries and other neurological problems.