Looking At Ankle Injury

Just as other joints in the human body, the ankle is no less complex. It is made up of two joints being the subtalar joint as well as the ankle joint. When it comes to ankle injuries they can often see a professional athletes days numbered in their sport. Ankle injuries demand so much drama as they are the support for our body during movement,working in co operation with the other joints like the knees and hips. Without a properly functioning ankle joint and subtalar joint, the knees and the hips are missing a vital cog in the machine.

Having an ankle injury may involve the medial (inside), the lateral (outside), or the anterior (front) of the ankle. When any of these areas of the ankle is injured it can impact on the patients ability to walk and function as before. Ankle fractures can often be very complex and require a potentially longer amount of time to heal than other bone fractures and breaks due to the fact it is a joint.

There are ankle sprains and ankle strains. A strain will occur when a tendon or muscle is stretched beyond its capacity. A sprain is more serious and happens when the ligaments become overstretched. Ligaments are the strong connective tissue that binds one bone to the other. Neither are painless and come with their own set of treatment plans and options. Both can mean time off the ankle and proper care by an orthopedic doctor should be sought.

Ankle injuries usually involve sudden, unexpected loss of balance which will usually result int he ankle twisting. This can happen in vehicle accidents and in everyday falls. All of the components of your ankle such as the ligaments, bones and muscles work together in order to absorb the stress that the ankle receives when you walk, run, jump or pivot to change direction. Damage to any one of these components can see you off that ankle for a period of time.