Do You Have Extensor Tendonitis?

Do you have extensor tendonitis or perhaps do you suspect that loved one may be suffering from this condition? Extensor tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendons that join the muscles atr the front of the leg towards the bottom to the toes. This is a condition that may also involve swelling of the sheaths where the tendons run.

If you have seen an orthopedic doctor about extensor tendonitis then you may have heard them refer to them as EHL and EDL. These are the two types of extensor tendons that we have in the human body. The EDL is responsible for connecting to the big toe, and the EHL will connect the other four toes. AS they work they will pull the toes up so as to allow for walking and motion. AS they relax the toes are able to be set down again and planted on the floor.

Should you have extensor tendonitis you will experience a sharp pain across the top of your foot, there may also be a degree of swelling and you will almost certainly experience pain when you are walking. Some patients will still have pain when the foot is being stretched out and the tendons are gently being manipulated.

If you have extensor tendonitis there is a high chance that you are a sports person. Perhaps you are someone that spends much of their time on their feet such as a nurse or health care worker? Whatever the cause, this condition is due to overuse of the tendons and the muscles that they connect. Sufferers have experienced this problem after straining muscles when doing too many hill runs, and icy roads can cause the same problem.

Interestingly, tying laces too tight on shoes can result in extensor tendonitis as the extra pressure required when taking a step canscause the condition to arise. Because the tendons sit at the upper part of the foot and above the bones, lacing your shoes too tight can squeeze them uncomfortable onto the bones. When this happens there is a defini9te pressure and great discomfort for the person when trying to walk.