Do You Have Claw Foot?

Have you ever heard of the condition claw foot? Perhaps you know of someone that has been diagnosed with this problem or maybe it is you that has been recently told by an orthopedic specialist that you have claw foot? Whatever the case you should learn a little more about it and then you may be better able to understand what exactly the body is doing to create this condition.

Claw foot occurswhen the bones in the foot at the base of the toe arch upwards and the rest of the bones point sharply downwards. When you view this foot it can resemble a claw and hence the name. A “normal” looking foot of course is flat when viewed and this severe arching can make the foot look distorted.

Of course any movement such as this will cause severe pain to the sufferer. There will be a reluctance and incredible pain involved in any type of walking or moving and the use of the foot itself. With little ability to place shoes or footwear on a foot so badly distorted there can be little to be done for the foot interms of protective covering.

Interestingly, this can sometimes affect just one foot and the other foot may be completely fine. When this happens the walking and movement of the patient is severely hampered as it is almost unable to bare any weight on the claw foot.
Ina very small number of cases this condition is the result of the Achilles tendon lifting the foot up at the heel somewhat. In more cases, however, it is the direct result of being born with an excessively elevated arch on the foot, which then forces the toes into the downward direction and the resulting image is that of a claw.

The claw foot is a common hindrance to those suffering other medical conditions such as cerebral palsy or even arthritis. It is thought that the fact that these people have a lack of balance or a restriction of movement already they have developed an unregularly walking pattern and the foot has developed into this formation.