Do You Have Torticollis

Do you have torticollis or perhaps you know of someone that has been recently diagnosed with torticollis? This is a unique musculoskeletal issue that refers to the strange position that the neck presents in due a large number of reasons. The neck can sometimes lean to the side and can result in the head twisting out of its usual position completely. This twisting of the neck can mean that the sufferer can experience pain down one side of the neck as well as swelling and inflammation. Due to this excessive pain the person often complains of headaches and even shaking of the head. The cause of torticollis can be far ranging.

The skull is connected to the body by muscles, as well as connecting the collar bone and breast bone. These are known as SCM and can be found running alongside the neck on both sides. Torticollis will affect these muscles specifically.

Some unfortunate people will inherit this condition as it can be a genetic issue. Others may suffer from it as a congenital disorder when stress can be placed on the fetuses’neck within the womb. These neck muscles will usually spasm and will result in the neck twisting away as a reflex. This particular type of torticollis is evident in young children and extends right through adulthood.
At times people can suffer from acute wry neck or acute torticollis when they have slept awkwardly and wake to have extreme pain down their neck. They will wake to have pain and will twist away from it , thus providing a distorted appearance. When attempts to right the heads position is greeted with cries of agony and can result in even more pain. Any and all movement of the neck and head will be painful and stiff to try and manipulate. Seeking the attention immediately from an orthopedic doctor is highly recommended and pain relief as well as treatment plans can be commenced.