How effective are chiropractic practices

Chiropractic treatment can generally be defined as a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) which employs a specialized method of realigning a patient’s spinal column to either relieve pain or assist the process of healing. This form of alternative treatment is based on the principle of a misaligned spine being a cause for most health problems.

A misaligned spine has been known to interfere with the flow of health sustaining energy in the body leading to negative effects to a person’s well-being. Realigning the spine by adjusting the joints in the patient’s back to reinstate normal spinal movements has been found to be effective in relieving pain and speeding the healing process.
Chiropractic treatment is not a recent phenomenon. It is an ancient healing practice that was used by many ancient societies to cure a variety of ailments. It was incorporated into modern medical practices in 1895 in Iowa by Daniel David Palmer. In his extensive research, Palmer found out that everyone’s status of health was closely related with the alignment of their spinal joints.

According to chiropractic theory, when the spinal joints are properly aligned, there is increased fluidity of movement which improves the healing process. This essentially happens because of the interconnection between the body and the mind.

Modern chiropractic treatment is an intricate procedure where the practitioner meticulously uses his or her hands to adjust the joints in the patient’s back. It is a painless procedure and as relaxing as a normal back massage. The only thing a patient feels are popping sounds as the spinal joints fit into their rightful places. In essence, the treatment involves stretching muscles and massage.

Modern chiropractic practices might also involve the use of electrical stimulation, a combination of heat and ice, nutritional advice, as well as simple physical exercises. It is an effective cure for back and neck pains as well as for some forms of migraines. Pregnant women and osteoporosis patients can also find this form of treatment quite beneficial.