Chiropractic manipulations are useful for treating a variety of conditions, especially those conditions where a joint is unaligned and causing the patient some degree of pain or discomfort. Compensating muscles often tighten up, especially in back injuries and this can prevent the healing of the area and result in prolonged pain. Chiropractic manipulations can rectify many spinal problems, hip problems, neck injuries and shoulder displacement. After warming the area with massage and heat therapy, the chiropractor will gently manipulate any bones that are out of place. After chiropractic manipulation it is important to keep up some gentle physical exercise but you should abstain from any strenuous activity and rough sports until the area is healed properly.

Chiropractors often treat spine realignment, using a process called manipulation, which offers a degree of pain relief and can increase movement to the area after a few treatments. When there is a flare up of the lumbar region like with lumbar arthritis, chiropractic treatments can give temporary relief restoring movement. Flare ups often happen after strenuous activity or from exercising when the muscles are not fully warmed up. A few chiropractic treatments will improve comfort and make movement easier and they are often combined with some sessions of physical therapy as well.

Scoliosis is a condition that affects the curvature of the spine and it can respond well to chiropractic treatments, which do not actually fix scoliosis, but they do offer a degree of pain relief to the sufferers. This can be combined with a back brace, especially designed to prevent the condition from worsening and keeping the back as straight as possible.

Chiropractic treatments for lower back pain caused by a tilted pelvis, often causing muscle spasms and decreased mobility. Chiropractic manipulations that stretch or elongate the iliopsoas can be combined with physical therapy and over time will improve the condition and offer some relief from the associated discomfort.