Chiropractic procedures start with a consultation to collect information about your health, your injuries and you medical history. After this the Chiropractor may do some orthopedic and neurologic tests as part of the diagnosis process and he will then suggest a course of treatment. The first manipulation is usually done at the first visit followed with some heat therapy or electrical stimulation.

If it is pain that has brought you to the chiropractor, you will find your pain level is decreased from the very first visit. The chiropractor can isolate where the pain is coming from and loosen up and realign that area, making it more comfortable and less painful. Regular weekly visits are usually needed at first to keep down your pain level and in severe case twice weekly visits are necessary.

Chiropractic realignments that have been done after the body has been misaligned for a long period of time maybe years, will require a strict behavioral pattern and possibly a brace while the bones accustom to being in the new position. There will also be some pain when the position is corrected which will lesson as time passes. After about a month there should be no pain.

Strength needs to build up in the muscles so the chiropractor may suggest physical therapy to improve muscle tone in the area.
Chiropractic adjustments can be done to the spine, the shoulders the hips, the legs and arms and the neck, any of these areas out of alignment from a fall or from repetitive strain injury will cause pain and discomfort as well as more limited movement in the area. The chiropractor uses gentle pressure and subtle jerk movements to put bones back into place. This is a highly trained skill and should not be practiced by the layman; chiropractors are familiar with every bone, muscle, tendon and nerve in the body and understand the delicate relationship between them all.