Tips to prevent back pain at work

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A large number of people complain of back pain at work due to many reasons, such as stress, incorrect posture, and strain. When trying to overcome severe soreness you must ensure to remain active. If you remain immobile, the muscles become weaker that takes longer to heal.

An important factor that you must keep in mind is that you maintain the correct posture while working. A leading cause of back pain is slouching while sitting for numerous hours at your work desk. Therefore, you must choose an ergonomic chair that supports your back thus reducing the strain on the muscles. Additionally, you can choose ergonomically designed tables and footrest, which further reduce the strain on your muscles, which will prevent ache.

Many people cross their legs when they work at their desks for several hours. However, this position encourages slouching and prevents adequate blood circulation. Therefore, if you do not have a footrest, you must keep your feet flat on the floor to prevent straining your muscles. Another factor that helps prevent back pain at work is ensuring that stationery items, such as pens, papers, and the telephone are kept at reachable distances. Most people do not realize that if they are constantly reaching out for these objects, the muscles are getting strained, which causes soreness.

While working on the computer, you must ensure the screen is kept at a distance of an arm at eye level. If the screen is not at eye level, you may have to crouch to view the screen, which causes strain to your back and neck muscles. You must take a break at regular intervals to ensure sufficient rest to the muscles while sitting for long hours. Lastly, you must exercise regularly to keep the muscles moving and prevent these from stiffness. All these tips should enable you to prevent back pain while working at a desk for long hours.