Pediatric Back Pain

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Back pain is most common in adults. Back pain is experienced by any adult more than once in their lifetime. On the other hand, back pain in children is so rare and if it occurs it might be a symptom of another disease. Since back pain is in children cannot be caused by overuse injuries, because they do not engage in any strenuous activities, the problem could arise from injuries in different places. Back pain in children take only a few days, two to three, to heal because there is little or no pressure exerted on the back. As of now there is no specific cause of back pain in children but with an increase in age there will emerge some causes.

A person can know that a child has back pain if he/she has fever; the bladder is not functioning properly, an extreme sensory problem whereby the child loses the strength and feeling in the arm or legs. In children back pain can be associated with problems of one or more of the major organs in the body. The heart, lungs, kidney, gastro intestinal tract and the most important is the central nervous system which may radiate pain to the back. If the intensity of the pain changes drastically either from bad to worse in the event that he/she changes position.

In children, loss of appetite is expected and the level of activities that the child engages in is reduced the child gets tired easily. A child having back pain will have difficulties in walking, and there will sleep disorders due to the pain that the child is feeling. In some cases even if you give the child painkillers he won’t be relieved from the pain. As the child continue to grow and reaches adolescents, pain in the back can be associated with the acute musculoskeletal strain. It is evident that the back pain in children won’t be as a result of trauma or overuse unless there is a tragic event that the child witnesses so it is important to protect your child from such incidents.