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There are multiple reasons why people get back pain and only a trained orthopedic therapist can distinguish one type from the other. A course of physical therapy will rectify you back problem and you will no longer have back pain. After an accurate diagnosis treatment can be started.

Bad posture is a common reason for people suffering back pain and after many years of bad posture this problem can become quite serious. Early treatment makes it much easier to fix back problems. If you do a job that requires that you sit or stand for long periods of time, eventually this will have an effect on the muscles and bones in your back and you will feel pain.

Many offices have chairs which are not designed to prevent back pain, thus creating a back problem from long hours of sitting in the same position. A therapist can recommend healthy sitting positions, ergonomic office chairs and how often to do stretches and take breaks. These things all help to prevent a long term issue from developing.

People live with back pain unnecessarily, something which can be fixed with physical therapy which corrects problems and defects with gentle pressure and manipulation. Some back pain is muscular and some is from bone misalignment. Orthopedic professionals can discern the difference easily and recommend which treatment is best suited for your particular problem.
There is no need to suffer with daily back pain as solutions are available after an orthopedic evaluation which will quickly disclose the source of you back pain and you will be well again after a few visits.

Once you have had your back pain treated you will find that your life improves dramatically. Not only will you sleep better you will have a healthier appetite, have more energy and enjoy life a lot more. It is not easy to live with constant back pain and too many people ignore it thinking it will go away and over time it gets worse and worse until it becomes an acute back disorder. Don’t let this happen to you, see an orthopedic professional before it is too late.