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Back pain is a common medical complaint among adults. If you are experiencing back pain right now, it is important to have an accurate diagnosis so proper treatment will be applied and preventive measure for future occurrence will be put into practice.

There are several causes of back pain. Improper lifting or bending is one of the reasons. When lifting something up off the floor, a box for instance, bending from the waist stresses the lower back muscles. Sometimes, when this stress is too much, it can tear the muscles. Proper lifting involves bending the knees, and using the legs for support instead of the back.

Bad posture is another common reason of back pain. It can lead to serious problem if not corrected early on. Extended sitting or standing at work stresses the muscles and bones in your back that eventually leads to back pain. Hence, therapists suggest ergonomic chairs to support your back during the long hours of sitting. They also suggest maintaining good body posture, doing stretches and taking breaks to prevent back pain.

Stress also results to back pain. When you are stressed, your body responds by releasing stress hormones that tightens your muscles affecting the nerves, ligaments and joints. The muscle tension prevents a proper blood circulation causing acidic waste products to build up. This results to fatigue and back pain.

Back pain may also be due to bone misalignment. Orthopedic professionals can easily identify whether the problem is muscular or bone misalignment. They can make recommendation of the best treatment appropriate for your problem.

Ignoring back pain may lead to acute back disorder over time when not treated. To relieve yourself from that nagging back problem, you have to take the first step of seeing an orthopedic professional. Some back pain can easily be corrected through physical therapy. Perhaps, after a few therapy sessions, you will be able to enjoy life again without back pains.