Causes of back pain

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Low back pain is undoubtedly the most common medical problem. One has to understand that most cases of back pain resolve within a few of weeks. Most doctors and patients acknowledge the fact that back is among the most complex and wearisome problem to deal with. The back is a structure made up of 33 vertebrae, several ligaments, many joints, over 30 muscles and inter-vertebral disks. Each of these structures can cause its own pain if injured or affected.

A muscular strain is the common cause of back pain. This occurs when an unexpected force, bend or pull is applied to one or several muscles in the back and as a result several tears occur in the muscle. Muscular tears are the cause of the pain in the back. Ligamentous sprains are another general reason of back pain. This occurs due to overstretching of the ligaments of the back further than their means. Sprains are experienced together with muscular strains.

In people over 50 years of age Spinal stenosis is the major cause to their back pains. This involves the narrowing of the spinal canal. The causes of Spinal stenosis include thickened ligaments along the spinal canal, bony spurs and enlarged joint cartilage from arthritic changes. Back pain caused by Spinal stenosis is worse because of the extended periods of weight bearing or walking.

In women Osteoporosis is the main cause of back pain. This is an ailment characterized by gradual loss of bone compactness. This results in thinning of the bone responsible for tissue making more vulnerable to fractures or broken bones. The bones of the spine are much affected in this disorder. Injuries sustained from falling, lifting of heavy objects or even a force of sneezing can account for painful vertebral compression ruptures.

A common cause of chronic back pain is fibromyalgia. This is an aching state characterized by a widespread of soft tissue pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance and presence of evenly dispersed areas of tenderness.