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Back pain also known as dorsalgia originates in the muscles, the nerves, the joints or bones of the back or neck and the pain can move around periodically depending on your body position. Pain can also range from a dull ache to a sharp nerve pain which can radiate down the legs in some cases. The cause of back pain needs to be addressed before a treatment can be decided. Describe you back pain in detail during your consultation so that the practitioner can determine the source.

Because the reasons for back pain can be so different there are also many types of treatment for which an orthopedic specialist is trained to diagnose. After diagnosis a treatment is recommended which could be anything from heat therapy, physical therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, chiropractic adjustment, orthopedic surgery the list goes on.

Simple back pain caused from a strained muscle from lifting or stretching can be treated with some anti- inflammatory medication, some rest and a healing therapy like hot packs. More severe back pain caused from a shattered disc in the spine, will need quite specific treatment which the specialist will determine. Recent advances in minimally invasive surgery are used to correct herniated discs with great success and can repair even a crushed disc injury. The recovery time after this type of surgery is much shorter than after regular surgery.

Many people are prescribed pain killers for back pain and after time they become dependent on the pain killers, resulting in two problems instead of one. Physical therapy and natural therapies often will substitute strong painkillers and enable the person with back pain to live a better life. If you suffer back pain, your condition may be suitable for an orthopedic therapy instead of taking painkillers. A professional can supply you with the right information and guide you towards the therapy that will suit your condition.