Types of ankle injuries

Talocruraljoint or the ankle is formed where the foot and the leg meet. The ankle is a synovial hinge joint that connects the far ends of the tibia and fibula in the lower limb and the proximal end of the talus bone in the foot. The Talocruraljoint facilitates walking, standing and sitting. It bares much weight in the process of upright movement. Due to all the functions it serves, the ankle is one of the most frequently injured joint in the body.

Some of the causes of ankle injuries are the activities that we do in our daily lives. Activities that cause excess joint stress such as athletics can lead to ankle injury. One can get an ankle injury through walking rough surface or slippery floors or by stepping out of a car.

The most common types of ankle injuries are sprains and strains. A sprain is an injury to the ligaments, which is a tough fibrous tissue that connects bones to other bones. Sprain injuries involve overstretching or slitting of the ligament. Most ankle sprains occurs when the foot unexpectedly turns inwards or outwards as an athlete runs, turns, falls or lands after a jump. In sprains lateral ligaments are injured. Symptoms of ankle sprain are pains, swelling and bruises.

A strain is an injury to a muscle or a tendon, which are the tissues that connect muscles to bones. The injury can be due to an overstretched muscle or a tendon or it can be an absolute or fractional tear. Strains can be acute or chronic. An acute strain is caused by shock such as a blow to the body. Lifting of heavy objects in an improper manner or overstressing the muscles can cause acute strain. Chronic strains are caused due to prolonged and repetitive movements of tendons.