How Do We Get Sprained Ankles?

How many of you experience a traumatic fall and get a sprained ankle in the process? What do you feel when you sprain your ankles? How do you deal with it?

If you accidentally twist or roll your foot beyond its normal range while doing a physical activity and you feel an almost unbearable pain to your ankle, you must have suffered a sprained ankle. Sprained ankle can happen when one or more of the ligaments is torn. Ligaments are elastic structures that hold ankle bones and ankle joints in place for stability and allow movement. If you are involved in physical activities like sports, exercise and even simple regular activities such as climbing up and down the stairs, your ankles are most prone to injuries to some extent.

If you leap from a very high elevated platform and you land on an uneven surface below, chances are, you will sprain your ankle. If you are an active person who is engaged in sports activities such as basketball, sprinting, soccer and tennis, the risk of getting an ankle sprain is greater than a person who is not very active in any physical activities.

According to medical experts, sprained ankles can be determined in three grades depending on the amount of force applied that causes sprain. Grade 1 is the least severe which may involve slight swelling and tenderness. Grade 2 is moderately severe and may involve more pronounced swelling and tenderness but will also incur decreased range of motion and possible instability. The most serious grade and the most severe condition of a sprained ankle is Grade 3. This is where a patient can experience significant swelling and tenderness to the injured area that often results to instability.

If you experience all or any of the symptoms mentioned above, you are advised to immediately see a qualified orthopedics specialist for necessary medical treatment.