Causes and symptoms of Ankle fractures

Ankle injuries and fractures are some of the most common bone and ankle problems reported in hospitals all over the world. Most people will always seek for emergency medical attention if the degree of pain or the fear of a broken bone leaves then unable to walk. There are a number of causes that can lead to a bone fracture. Fractured ankles occur with simultaneous tears of the ligaments. If a person rolls the ankle in and out the ligaments will tear and the pressure exerted on the ankle bones might lead to a fracture. Twisting of the ankle from side to side could dislocate the numerous bones that join at the ankle and might also cause a fracture.

Sportsmen who participate in high and long jumps are more prone to suffer this injury due to the severity of the force applied to the joint as the person lands hard on the ground. Extending and flexing of the joint to extreme points can cause bone fractures and ligaments tears.

An individual who has a fractures bone has very obvious signs and symptoms. With a fractured ankle, pain is bound to be felt and it will not come from the exact area of the fracture. Pain can originate from surrounding parts of the injured part. For example most ankle fractures are especially felt on the side of the small toe.

Swelling is also a sign that you may have fractured your ankle. This suggests that either the soft tissues are damaged which has blood around the joint or the fluids that are found within the joint itself. When there is some bleeding in the joint, hemarthrosis, the joint will swell and due to the pressure there will be some pain. In cases where the fractures are severe the bones could be deformed around the ankle area and some bruising will be present.